Making a decision

Sometimes it seemed that some of my classmates had registered for college in first grade. Then by second they were booked for their Masters and would then go on to get themselves a reserved seat in an office centered on the subject they would go on to study for. It was like their whole lives were planned before their birthing. I never understood it and still can’t.

I always had an idea of what I wanted and I was quite aware of what moved me, but I was always hard pressed to find someone who could tell me how to get there. By the time I reached my last semester of high school I was scared shitless. I knew that Journalism moved me, but I started to feel that if I studied that I would end up resenting it and hateting it and then loose all desire for it.

I was right.

Cokie Roberts, a well known news anchor in Washington D.C., once said something around the lines that if you want to be a Journalist don’t study Journalism. Study something that would add depth to your being. And she couldn’t be any more correct. I should have listened but I didn’t. Here I am in my room in Caguas, Puerto Rico writing this this blog that I opened in hopes of having it help wake up that profound desire I once had to find the truth about everything that mattered to me.

Progress has been made I must note. Just last week I finally decided on my masters. I will go on to study for a Masters of Art in Gastronomy from the University of Adelaide in Australia, which has partnered with Le Cordon Bleu to provide the world with this deeply interesting topic of study. I’m going to do it, but by e-mail correspondence.

It sounds a little wacky, but it’s a topic that greatly interest me. Sometimes I think that what I should have studied was either Cultural Anthropology or Art History or both, so in a way, a masters in the history of Gastronomy is almost just that.

Classes have already begun, so I am too late, but I will be registering for next year soon. This is what I want and can see myself doing combined with writing. Now all I need is luck and strength to help me get through two years of deep research and I’ll be set.


4 thoughts on “Making a decision

  1. Funny…my mother said exactly the same thing to me as that Cokie woman did! I wish my uni offered a gastronomy paper – sounds incredibly exciting :) Very insightful stuff – I know what you mean about the “planning ahead” thing, people change so much in their formative years that there is little point in it!

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