Satisfying my cravings

For me, dessert means cake. I just love cake and I love chocolate just as much, so the combination of the two should be a fantastic one, but most often I find that I’m easily disappointed.

There is a word in Spanish that I’m certain has no direct translation to English. The word is “empalaga.” One says this special word when describing a dessert that coats your throat with its cloying sweetness taking away from its enjoyment. That is what I find that most chocolate cakes do. However, this Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake by Nigella is a true masterpiece (can you tell that I love her?).

Though the batter is meant to be spread equally into two pans, the cake still remains modest in size. Both the cake and frosting contain sour cream, which adds a diminutive tang while also helping cut the fatty mouth feel that the butter gives in the frosting. There isn’t much sugar in either component of the cake, which is another reason I love this cake so much. It doesn’t make it diet worthy, sadly, but it will definitely satisfy those with unwavering palates; even those who long for sugary treats.

Some of the ingredients necessary



The cake ready to go in the oven


The cake frosted and ready to be devoured. I topped it with sugar paste pansies, an idea also taken from the great Nigella herself. I love this cake and I urge all to try it.



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