Sometimes only simple will do…

dsc008331I was taking a walk around 7th Avenue in Park Slope when I decided to walk into the Key Foods grocery store that was lined outside with barrels and barrels of gorgeous early Spring blooms. Inside I was surprised to find an extensive selection of International foods all at great prices. I also found a selection of lamb shoulder priced at just $3.00! I couldn’t believe it so I picked some up. I then quickly walked home and created a very simple dish inspired by something I saw on a cooking show a very long time I go.

As soon as I got home I placed the lamb in a bowl filled with olive oil, cumin, and shallots and allowed it to marinate for an hour.

After the hour passed, I sautéed some spinach and then allowed it to drain in a colander placed over a bowl while I got on with the lamb.

I heated a large sauté pan and then took the lamb out of the bowl and made sure there were no shallots stuck to it. I then seared the lamb on one side and then once I turned it over in order to allow for it to cook and brown on the other side. While then lamb cooked on the second side I got on with the sauce.

For the sauce, I spooned into a bowl about ¼ of a container of hummus and mixed it with some plain Greek Yogurt until it got be very billowy. I then squirted in the juice of half a lemon, sprinkled some cumin, salt and pepper and then grated a clove or garlic into the mixture. Since all hummus brands tend to be made to taste a little different than it’s competition I suggests that you add as much seasoning as you desire and not what I tell you. Once the lamb was done, I placed it on the plate along side a good dollop of sauce, and the spinach that I sprinkled olive oil onto as well as a tad bit more of the hummus sauce. It was all very simple, but packed full of flavor!


3 thoughts on “Sometimes only simple will do…

  1. This looks fantastic! I got a bunch of lamb from my bulk food from the farm and was wondering what to do with it. I think I will try this next week!

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