Trying-Out Marsala

dsc008391A recent shopping trip to the ever-crowded Trader Joe’s in Union Square, proved to be worth it when I found a bottle of Marsala for around 5 dollars. I quickly bought it with the full intention of finally making Chicken Marsala; a dish that I’ve wanted to make for ages.

The fortified Sicilian wine, along with the mushroom sauce adds depth to the bland chicken tenders as does the addition of prosciutto and parsley. While I waited for my friend Sue Ann to send me her recipe (which I plan to make very soon), I decided to go ahead and make Tyler Florence’s (he uses chicken breast and not tenders like I did), which can be found here.

Tyler’s recipe is deliciously full of flavor and depth, please do try it!


6 thoughts on “Trying-Out Marsala

  1. What on earth, that looks delicious!! please make that for me when you come, also what the heck, no more of your fantastic blogs..come on start them again

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