Reaking of Chocolate

Sometime during Christmas I decided to make Nigella Lawson’s peanut butter cup recipe. I was even able to find a source for those ominous golden covered, chocolate buttons and even though I did not order the sugar paste golden stars, I was still able to find a source for them as well. Although an unessacery bit of glam on something that is to be eaten, the goldness of it was too great a look for a simple Christmas treat for me to pass.

My love for Nigella stems deep and if it’s for anything it’s for the fact that even when someone from the comment section of an online UK newspaper deems a recipe to be too sweet, it will still be just right for my “American” tongue.

Her writing is inviting and her recipes even more comforting and thus while the idea of a warm oven baking cookies during Christmas time called my name, I couldn’t help but desire to try her take on the homemade version of the classic American treat, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

The recipe was simple and so was the whole no baking needed, assembly process. Quicker still was the act of eating them as they are so incredibly delicious. So delicious in fact that a coworker has been begging me to make them since the day I brought them in on a snowy day in late December.

The recipe doesn’t need changing however, I do suggest using quality ingredients as to prevent them from being too cloying. I don’t know what it is about organic sugars, but they help prevent your sweets from being too overwhelming. As for the peanut butter, I do like to use the “natural” sort as it not only tends to have less sugar, but a stronger peanut taste as well  (if that is even at all possible). My only word of warning would be to be sure not to get one that is too liquidy which is why I tend to like Skippy’s Natural Smooth, but really any peanut butter, as long as it is not runny, will do.

Here is a link to the recipe which is a great summer treat as it needs no baking at all.

Now excuse me as I go sneak one from said coworker’s desk.

*The picture was taken from I cannot seem to figure out how to add a caption anymore.

4 thoughts on “Reaking of Chocolate

  1. oh you love to tempt the weak do ya?? Im actually going to attempt to make these. Ill let you know how they turn out, thanks for sharing

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