Keeping Up w/ Blogging and Cooking

After I’ve read the local, national and global news, checked the weather, and popped over to to read Walter Mercado’s horoscope for the day, I check out “the blogs.” Without them my day does not seem to go as well.

Escaping into someone else’s world seems to calm mine and help put everything into perspective. It also helps me see how life could be in another city, another career, another many other things.

Some of these blogs update their content sporadically, but others do so every morning at 8 on-the -dot. And I don’t mean a picture and a few accompanying words, I mean a slew of pictures and paragraph after paragraph full of stories and interesting tid-bits about recent events in their lives.

I can’t help but wonder how they do this? How scheduled their life is? Maybe it’s because they don’t all have a 9 to 5 or depend on the in.cre.di.bly sloooow NYC subway like I do? I don’t know how they do it, but I would sure love to know how as keeping up with a food blog takes effort.

I’d love to tell you what I’ve cooked everyday or had for lunch at work, but I don’t exactly stand in front of the stove all that often. Once week, usually on Sunday, I cook what is to be my dinner for the next few nights. After that I either pick something up on the way home or I sit in front of the computer and allow for GrubHub to help chose my next meal – I figure my time is worth more than delivery minimum.

Grant it, when I cook, I cook. Sometimes quick means I’ve prepped a little bit here and there so when cooking time comes, I just throw it all together. Other times it means that my meal is cooking itself as all I had to do is throw it in the oven. Either way I love doing it, but exhaustion and my budget can sometimes get in my way and thus local eateries take the win.

Tonight I think I’ll settle for soup. After half the office caught a bite of the seasonal cold, I too have finally been hit. It may be a tad bit muggy out, but “Jewish Penicillin” hasn’t sounded so good in a while. And no fancy pants recipe for me, just sautéed mirepoix, and chicken thighs cooked in stock with a bit of rice added mid cooking time.  Sometimes simple comforts are all one needs to feel just a little bit better.


1 thought on “Keeping Up w/ Blogging and Cooking

  1. People who generate a ton of content each day use a few tricks. For one thing they are usually posting using the scheduling feature. That post that goes up at 8am was probably written the night before and scheduled for 8am. For another thing, they use their free moments to build content on a laptop, handheld, etc. And for still another thing, it takes practice. It’s like learning to use an under-utilized muscle group. It’s hard to imagine how you’re going to lift anything but over time you can build up to it — and then it’s easy.

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