Quick and Easy Ideas for Summer Salads

I know I’m a little behind, but I wanted to share two very simple ideas for summer salads before the weekend’s end. These are a great addition to any summer cook-out and easy to pack-up for a spur of the moment road trip or picnic:

For a deliciously simple summer side, take some freshly chucked corn or a drained 14oz can of corn and place in a bowl. Then mix in black beans (14oz can) that have been drained and rinsed. To that add a chopped, ripe tomato, diced orange bell pepper (or any color), and scallions. Drizzle with a little bit of olive oil to coat, season with salt and cumin to taste, and finish with freshly chopped cilantro. Serve as a side to grilled meats or on taco night.

Now summer fruits are always delicious, especially when purchased from local sources. However, for those times when your fruits are lacking any sort of flavor, consider sweetening them with a combination of honey, brown sugar and lime. You don’t need much of any of the ingredients, just enough to add a little depth to the flavorless fruit. Another thing you can do is to section and an orange and squeeze any juice into your fruit bowl not helping distribute the orange flavor, but also helping add additional interest to one’s palate.

These are in fact simple ideas. In fact, they are  almost mind-numbing, but it’s the simple ideas that most people tend not to think of. These “recipes” are not only great to keep on hand when time is short, but also ones to think of when creating a buffet style meal. As not only do they provide themselves to be fresh foods to go along with everything else, but as healthy appetite fillers as well.

Again, next time you are pressed for ideas, consider these salads; as simple as they may be, they are sure-fire hits!

EDIT: Be sure that when you want to sweetened your fruit, combine the lime juice, brown sugar, and then the honey in a separate bowl first. This way will not only allow the sugar to dissolve and the honey to become one with the lime juice, but you can taste it alone prior to combining it with the fruits.


5 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Ideas for Summer Salads

  1. Simple is the key when it comes to eating healthy. People always think it is hard to make a good tasting salad or that healthy food is bland. Kudos to these easy salads! Thanks! I’ll definitely be trying them this week.

  2. Ok, I got off to a bit of a late start myself, as a matter of fact I just picked up a premade potato salad and some ribs because I was in such a mood to enjoy a traditional Memorial Day lunch. Unfortunately I was unable to prepare food wise due to work but I have marked these as a favorite for my next social…thanks for the lovely blog!!

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