¡Taco Taco!

This winter had to be the longest in a while and so by the time the weather struck the slightest taste of warmth, I’d already had my burger thrill. This past weekend all I craved was the dry heat of California. Although at times suffocitating, so is the humidity lingering all over Park Slope. Instead of burgers, I craved Mexican food, but having exhausted all my options, I decided to just go ahead and face the hot kitchen. I was quickly inspired by the Pioneer Woman’s Taco Pizza as it celebrated a cheesy love of mine…. California Pizza Kitchen’s Taco Pizza!

This kinda silly, but utterly delicious pizza was quick to make and although it required the use of an oven, even that was quick enough to justify. I did add some paprika, black pepper, and salt seasoned chicken thigh strips just because I had some; it didn’t change anything but add some extra protein.

Please make this! And if you are lucky enough to live within a short distance of Red Hook, Brooklyn as I do, go try some fabulous Key Lie Pie! . I’ll write about that one later though…


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