Export Soda Crackers

Good evening! So, I was planning to share a recent culinary adventure when suddenly… the lights went out! As stupid as a joke as that might sound it’s the truth. Half the building in which I work lost power and thus no story on my love affair with a certain little citrus fruit that I happen to love. In the meanwhile, I wanted to share knowledge of a product that I know most know very little about. In fact, I don’t know much about them either, I just eat them. Actually, I devour them.

Keebler Export Soda Crackers have been a part of my life since the day I could chew and bite. There’s just something about their plainness that makes them so soothingly blissful for my ever curious palate. Lacking salt, they are the perfect vessel for various toppings such as my favorite: cream cheese and guava paste which is how I ate them for dessert as a child. I’ll also have them with some cheese for lunch or a snack or simply as is during those times when your tummy grumbles for more than just a hunger pang. And if I’ve learned anything from the ingredient list on the back of a packaged food product is that the ingredients go from the most largely present to the least. On the back of these you see that the first is wheat flour followed by a slew of vitamins and minerals and ending with corn syrup and salt.

Being that they are made and sold in the South (USA), Latin American countries and highly populated Hispanic neighborhoods above the Mason Dixon, I can’t help but wonder if they were originally marketed for the socioeconomically disadvantaged much like Milo can be marketed as both provide high amounts of nutrients often missing from a money challenged diet. I do think about this every other time I take a bite. However, I often look at it and almost as if in slow motion, I then shrug my shoulders, take it away from my eyesight and bring it forth to my mouth where I’ll eat them in place of bread. Always a staple in my house where both my roommate and I share them, I couldn’t survive without them. Saltines are good, but just don’t come close and anyway, who can resist the vintage looking tin?!

* Please note that I do not work for Keebler, in fact, in the words of The Pioneer Woman,” they don’t even know who I am.”
** I just thought of a great recipe to use with them…. hmmmm

4 thoughts on “Export Soda Crackers

    • I should have mentioned that as I do, in fact that was my dinner the other night! I love them… love them love them. Love you, Papi!

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