The New Food Pyramid

Finally, the government gets it right. I think I would saved myself a lot of problems if I’d had this picture to refrence growing up. Thank you, thank you, thank you to whom ever is in the panel that finally thought this through and excuted it correctly. Bravo!

Too see if for yourself, click here


2 thoughts on “The New Food Pyramid

  1. Your blog is so brilliant Sarah:) I’m loving reading! I found you via Brenda’s post that she was being featured on this blog (I didn’t know it was you:D), and the history of your family, your passion for food, it’s all just wonderful.

    I had never been able to understand why our first world countries could manage to have such different ‘plate models’ of how a healthy meal should be made up. It looks like they’re finally falling into line with each other:) I’m currently trying to get healthier and the above example of a healthy meal is very close to the model given to me by my ‘Life!’ facilitator. Good luck with your efforts, I too am working on finding a balance between mostly healthy, but not ever avoiding or making ‘off limits’ any foods. I can’t wait to read more from you:):)

    • Thank you so much for the grand compliment, Coby! It’s so glad hearing from you again. Good luck with your new healthy lifestyle!

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