Sweetness Follows at Sprinkles NYC

Years ago, before ever having been to Los Angeles, I remember reading an article about Paul Rudd during his post Clueless fame where in his own words he stated something along the lines of, “Health food and Los Angeles is almost a contradiction in terms – there have got to be more donut shops per capita than anywhere else in America.” I think the article was published in an issue of Rolling Stone magazine years before it stopped loosing its shine (in my eyes, that is). Anyway, the second I landed at LAX, for the first time in my life, I remembered Paul Rudd’s quote. Fast food joint after fast food joint followed by donut shops like Spudnuts was all I saw. And so the day I heard that Beverly Hills was endowed with the first ever “cupcakery,” I wasn’t at all surprised.

Sprinkles Cupcakes opened on South Santa Monica Boulevard in 2005 to an ever happy crowd. Personally, I found this genius as I’ve always loved cake, but enjoying cake meant purchasing a whole cake and the idea of so much of the sweet stuff quickly turned the whole thing from joyful to dreadful as my imaginary pants got tighter at the thought (not that I’m so fit now, ha!). Apart from Hostess orange cupcakes  and this one time when my aunt Cynthia bought my cousin Trey and I some Cookie Monster shaped cupcakes, cupcakes had never been a part of my life until now.

Although I’ve been to the Sprinkles in Beverly Hills, I was so incredibly happy when I heard of their New York City arrival. This city is filled with many cupcake bakeries, some good, some great, some horrifically awful, but I didn’t care – I just wanted Sprinkles. However, its took me a while to go to their Lexington Avenue shop. Recently I decided that I did need to get healthy, but not on a diet or any other fad, just in a realistic way that will take me a while, but hopefully will stay with me for even longer. Anyway, the second I went I was happy. I do find them to be a tad too sweet and I was disappointed in the fact that lemon coconut was not only topped with sweetened desiccated coconut, but was infused with cheap lemon extract. Even so, I’m just glad that they are made well in terms of technique. The frosting can be cloying, but the moist cake makes it worthy my while. Thankfully, the shop is far enough away from me that I can write about them, but gain no desire to go on an hour train ride to reach them.

Sprinkles Cupcakes


5 thoughts on “Sweetness Follows at Sprinkles NYC

    • They may look like that in the picture, but they are actually normal sized. Crumbs Cupcakes on the other hand are enormous!

  1. La tienda por lo menos es bonita? Vale la pena conocerla o los cupcakes son demasiado malos? me gusto la foto de tu post Sarah, se ve muy cute! y me llama la atencion conocer el sitio igualmente. Gracias!

    • Yes. yes go! Los cupcakes estan super buen echos en mi opinion. Quisas por que tengo un paladar mas sofisticado pienso que son un poquito muy dulce. Tambien pense que a uno de chocolate estuvo bueno pero como que le faltaba algo. Y habia uno de coco que no me gusto pq como mencione, el coco rachado encima estuvo inecesariamente endulzado y el extracto de limon para mi sabia barato mas hubieria sido mejor rellenarlo con lemon curd. Anyway, si, pruebalos! Y gracias por el comentario sobre como escribo. :)

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