When the Iron Strikes Hot, Make Ice Cream!

Healthy Chocolate Ice Cream (Dairy-Free)

It’s been screaming hot in these parts as of late and since sticking oneself in the freezer isn’t exactly an option thus I’ve decided to make ice cream. Unlike most of the US, in NYC the ice cream truck doesn’t drive around chiming music in effort to attract a swarm of children, but instead it parks itself on various street corners. Some are the classic Mr. Softy trucks and the rest either offer gourmet custard style treats (Van Leeuwen and the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck are two great ones) or like Yogo, they serve frozen yogurt — both the traditional sweet kind and the tart. As much as I love the convenience, I don’t often want to walk around and find a truck and anyway, nothing beats the home made kind!

Since ice cream making is a process, today’s experiment is not ready. In the mean while, check out this wacky recipe I came up with a few years ago for PastryScoop.com. I’m not sure if the website is still running, but as long as its still open, it’s a great resource for lovers of pastry. Chocolate Bacon Ice Cream with Smoked Caramel Sauce is much more delicious than it sounds and I promise you that you’ll love it. Click here for the article and recipe.


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