Thanksgiving a la Boricua

I’m in the process of finalizing the Thanksgiving menu which I am trying to keep short. In an effort to sate the taste buds and traditions of two very different cultural backgrounds, I decided to keep it strictly American with the addition of one Puerto Rican dish: arroz con gandules (rice with pigeon peas).

Usually also on the menu would be some sort of salad rather than a green bean anything. A ham is always in order, but usually a beauteously large canned one, dressed up with pineapple and cherries instead of a more Californian, Honey Baked Ham. And then to guild the lilly, there would also be the addition of a picadillo style stuffing.

Rather than go for a monster sized feast, we chose to tread lightly and simply add our quintessential celebratory rice dish. Peasant food that knows no economical bounds as both the rich and poor love it just as well.

This site has a great recipe

Try it and buen provecho!


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