Well, I’ve left the great state of NY to go back to Puerto Rico. It feels like a step back for me, but really I’ve done it as en effort to reestablish what I want in this life. As much as this is home, I so wanted to claim my own livelihood elsewhere and were better than the Big Apple?

While I am here I hope to do something with my family farm (free range chicken eggs maybe) and finally start establishing myself as a freelancer. After the great lay off of 2011, I was dead set and determined to find something in my field before I sub came to a join in another. After trying in NY I finally decided that the only way to do that would be in PR and thus I am sitting at a Starbucks in San Juan, writing this blog.

As much as I love this island’s spirit and the food that fills its belly, sometimes I feel like it’s stuck and needs help pushing forward. Could I be a person to help do this, who knows? All I know is that I am dead set and determined to get my life back in order ASAP whether here or anywhere. I will always love NY and I will miss it more than I could ever begin to express. But for now, I am here and I will forever hanker for more, strive for more and never settle for less. I hope that you will continue with me through this journey as I continue to find my place.

Here’s to the future!

Sarah Nicole


4 thoughts on “Update

  1. If anyone can do it you can! I want to see the family farm etc……you are my Island Woman….later you can compare notes with Pioneer Woman, I see the dame spirit in you both

  2. I didn’t realise you’d moved back to PR – I don’t think that’s a ‘step back’ at all. NYC must be a very difficult place to have an individual voice (not to mention an expensive place to live!) so much as you will have gained from the amazing experience of living there, you will bring a new perspective back to life in PR. Good luck!

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